Déploiement et accompagnement dans l'intégration de solutions digitales dédiées à l'optimisation de l'ensemble des phases de vos projets de construction

Earthworks sites

The realization of infrastructure projects requires working in ever shorter deadlines with an increasingly controlled budget. The optimization of earthworks is a key factor for their success. SITECH helps you to improve productivity and precision from the production to the finishing phases of your earthworks.
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Quarries and Landfills

Respecting schedules, reducing environmental impact, controlling costs and improving safety are major challenges for your production sites. Digitalization and connectivity help you to meet these challenges. SITECH Poland helps you to deploy these new technologies and supports you in optimizing your production.
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Road & Linear Projects

Road works and linear projects (road construction, airport runways, rails...) require a very high level of precision - the use of expensive and difficult to install materials as well as a very important time constraint make it crucial to reduce the number of reworks. SITECH provides hardware, software and services to improve the performance of your linear projects.
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Accuracy, speed of data acquisition and sharing are important issues in a context where all the players on a site are affected by the objectives of optimizing time, budget and investment. SITECH Poland ensures that surveyors work with solutions adapted to their needs in order to monitor all on-site operations in detail.
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